Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Lady with the crazy neck

Big things happened! I moved to a different city (same state!). I haven't updated for LIKE A YEAR. FO REALZZZZZZZZ. no one cares! I care! you care! everyone cares! who the hell knows.

BUT. What I do know is that I drew this tonight. My model was "Modonna of the Long Neck" by Parmigianino -OR- 'Lady With the Crazy Neck' as my very good friend Lynn and I called it in college. Or tonight I am calling it 'Lady with the missing baby'.  There is absolutely no cryptic message relating to my life in that title my friends so don't read into it.  Google the Parmigianino painting and you'll understand.  That's your art history lesson for tonight.

Kisses (as always), Mary


  1. I care! Also, I was just looking through my RSS reader and came across this post which seems like something you might like:

  2. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I care :-)


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