Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New hat design...all that glitters.

new sequin hat design

It's a rainy night and we're in a TORNADO watch.  The end of February in Nebraska in a tornado watch.  If you're not from Nebraska, you'll need to know that normally right we should be freezing our asses off cuddling up with hot tea and blankets at night.  None of this spring-time tornado watch bs. I dunno what mother nature is doing this year, but it feels weird.

Anyway. Mix in the thunder and rain with my excitement to make a hat out of a new block I made this weekend resulted in this hat being made tonight (photos of the block-making process to come)

The chic little hat itself is made with a buckram base, wired and covered an upcycled gold sequin blouse (hat will eventually be up in the shop too!).


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