Sunday, June 26, 2011

Make it: DIY no-sew 5 minute headband holder

In this project I'll demonstrate the fastest, easiest, coolest, most awesomest way to making a headband holder...pretty enough to display on your vanity and simple enough to slap out in 5 minutes.  Cuz it's all NO-SEW y'all!  This mother trucker doesn't even need glue!

headband holder in action!

I love fast little crafty projects like this because they placate the immediate need to: Make. Something. With a capital M and S! You artsy, crafty people can relate to this addiction, I am sure.

PLUS It's always nice to see what you've got in terms of accessories - you'll wear them more!

AndOneMoreThing.... not that I have to bring it up to all you crafty mamas and dads and legal guardians out there....these quick, easy, hands on no-sew projects these keep the attention of the smallish kiddos. 

There is a pieced headband holder cover that requires a sewing machine (I use one at craft fairs) see it in the foreground here:
BUT I figured there are more of you who don't own a sewing machine and those who do can figure that easy peasy pattern out on your own. So without further's how you do it in 5 easy steps.

What you'll need:
headband holder Supplies
  • 2 rubber bands
  • 1 piece of fabric measuring 21" x 23"
    (I used a piece of woven cotton scrap, but use what you have. How about reusing an old pillowcase or re-purposing a skirt?)
  • Scissors
  • 1 paper towel roll (the wider the diameter the better)
    (You can display the end product horizontally, but these also work really nicely propped up vertically so make sure the paper towel is wide enough to put enough tension on the headbands so they don't slide down. I think the one in the photo is Bounty) 

headband holder diameter

Step 1:
Cut the fabric to 21" x 23"
(you could get away with a true square at 21" x 21", and you could even go somewhat smaller, I'll admit. But I like this size as it gives you enough to overlap and leaves enough for the "tails".)
headband holder diagram

Step 2:
Roll it up and rubber band each edge.  It should look like a giant smarties roll.  Give the bands some leeway - just wrap the rubber band around a couple times.

headband holder roll it, band it.

Step 3:
This is the reason you need that leeway.  Next, shove the tails into the roll.  The rubber band will stay on and the tails should tuck in neatly.
headband holder the last step

Step 4:
Finally, pour yourself a drink and kick back and admire your new display of all your fancy treasures from!

headband holder in action!

Step 5:
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  • Maximize your vertical storage: sick a straight pin or two in the top and hang elastic headbands  from the pin.
  • Use the selvage of the fabric to "finish" the edge that will show once the cylinder is wrapped.
  • if working as a kids craft project - encourage them to paint a cool picture or potato stamp the fabric before wrapping!


  1. This is freaking brilliant!

    1. Emily6:15 PM

      I know right! I would have never thought of this idea before!! (:

  2. awesome. i know what i'm doing this week.
    so much better than placing/balancing them on things/
    bun-bun is sitting on top of a clock.

  3. Oh! that bun-bun totally needs a more suitable home! :)

  4. how do you make it so it stands up?

    1. what I mean is does it stand up by itself?

  5. Hi Tara!
    The roll stands in its own, though I suppose you could even use a paper towel roll holder in some capacity. Thanks for checking out the blog!

  6. Emily5:52 PM

    This is an awesome idea! I have never thought of doing that! Thank you so much!M(:

    1. You're welcome, Emily! :)

  7. awesome.. i've been thingking to using pipe to make this... its briliant... made it soon...


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