Wednesday, September 09, 2009

OMG hat: Lady Gaga Elephant Hair Hat

Even if I run a bit behind all the breaking news in Lady Gaga's world, it doesn't mean I don't love her OR her style. Looks like she's wearing an animal hair hat by the late Japanese artist Nagi Noda. As you know from the previous post, I am a big, big, BIG fan.


  1. Mary,
    Just want to say I love your blog and Etsy store (this from a fellow hat maker) and thank you so much for posting this video! Thanks to you, I'm sort of coming around to the Lady Gaga love. She is growing on me, and the hats are part of it!

  2. Hi! Aww, shucks! I am glad to hear I am spreading some sort of love - - Thank you so much for reading the blog! She's a character but far more interesting that the usual pop artists out there.


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